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Standby Control Socket inc remote

Standby Control Socket inc remote
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Price: £11.51
Availability: In Stock
Model: STC-UK2001
Manufacturer: Watts Clever
Average Rating: Not Rated

This simple device saves energy and money whilst prolonging the life of your expensive equipment by shutting off power to the outlets. We all know that when a computer/monitor/printer/scanner/etc is on standby it still draws power, costing you money.

This device simply isolates the power and the foot switch turns it all back on again. We normally use this with a 4-way extension to isolate the entire pc/monitor/printer/speakers.

This is a truly affordable energy saving gadget that is so simple it just works.


Below is what the manufacturer says.

Key Features:

- Saves energy & money

- Easy simple set up with learning function

- Can control multiple sockets together or independently

- Will work through walls

- Makes equipment connected to hard to get to wall sockets easy to switch off

- Power rating 13A, 250v

- 3000 watts maximum load

- Transmission frequency 433.92 Mhz

- 12V DC battery in transmitter (Included)

- Manual on/off button

- Power on indicator light

- 20 m range between the transmitter and the reciever in a straight line

- Multi channel assignment for each socket

- Less than 0.25w power consumption for the socket control socket when turned off


More Information:

Each year we have more and more computers, TV?s, Hi Fi equipment, table lamps, and other equipment around the home and office. All this is great, but it pushes our energy costs up and up. The more of these types of products we have the more we have to remember to turn them all off.

The electricity used whilst in standby mode can add up to significant amounts across weeks, months, and years. Often we just leave our items switched on or in standby mode, this is costing us a lot of money and needlessly using energy. In addition to this, leaving our equipment turned on shortens the life of the product, and also increases the fire risks etc.

The Watts Clever range of Standby Control products helps people and companies to ensure that they turn all relevent equipment fully off. Our products ensure that this becomes a simple operation and something that will be done automatically, or with the minimum of thought.

The standby control socket allows you to turn the power to your appliances and equipment on and off by remote control. Each socket learns the code from the button/channel on the remote control transmitter that you assign to that socket. This is very simple to do and can be changed at any time.

Once this is done you can then turn the power supply to any equipment connected to the socket on or off from a distance, just by pressing a button. This makes it very simple to turn many pieces of equipment off from a single remote control unit. No more excuses for not turning off the TV, Hi Fi, lamps etc.

Once turned off they will use no electricity, so no more standby energy is been wasted. You can add additional sockets later and use then with the same remote control unit. You can control more than 1 socket with the same buttons. Also there are 3 channels on the remote control so you have complete flexibility.

It will work through walls and ceilings up to a certain distance. Additionally you can connect any standard power strip to the socket.

Manufacturer's Website:

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