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Price: £5.89
Availability: In Stock
Model: MSD2GIG
Manufacturer: Team
Average Rating: Not Rated

When mobiles enter the 3G era and the transfer speed continues to increase, the application of mobiles also improves. For example, most new mobiles are equipped with digital video, camera, PMP, MP3 player, game, personal accounting, personal organizer, email and audio-recording functions. These powerful multimedia features which could only be displayed on PCs are now all available on mobiles. Therefore, Team introduces the Team microSD Card to make high-resolution camera phones and PMP phones even more powerful.

The Team micro SD Card uses memory from original manufacturers and is made with advanced process technologies. Besides the high data read/write speed, it is micro. Therefore, it can enhance the camera and PMP performance of new-generation mobiles, 3G mobiles and PDAs. All multimedia files, including images, videos, MP3 music files, games, maps and movies, can all be stored in this fingernail-sized microSD card from Team.


Key Features:
Complies with micro SD specifications

2 in 1, comes with SD adapter
High compatibility
High read/write speed
Stores data, music, image and video files
Interface: SD1.1
Capacity: 2GB
Write protect: Yes
Power source: 2.7 ~ 3.6V
Dimensions: 11x15x1mm(0.43x0.59x0.04inch)
Warranty: Lifetime warranty
Compatibility list -
Below is a compatibility list of mobile phones and devices

Three Mifi - Hauwei 5830

Motorola Motorola SLVR L7,V360, E398, V635, V710, A780, A840, E895, C975, V975, C980, V980, A1000, E1000, V1000, A1010, V1050, SLVR V8, E1060, E1120, SLVRL7, V3X, E1070, A910, SLVR L8, E770V, D600, E1120, E 1060, A920, A925, RAZR V3i, V975, MotoKRZR K1, MotoRAZR MAXX, MotoRIZR Z8, MotoRIZR Z3, MotoKRZR K3, w510, MotoRIZR Z6, SLVR L9, Razr V3im, Motorola A1200, Motorola E398, Motorola i870, Motorola RAZR V3m, Motorola RokR, Motorola V635, Motorola A780, Motorola E770, Motorola RAZR V3m (Sprint), Motorola E1070, Motorola KRZR K1, Motorola RAZR V3i, Motorola RAZR V3x,

Blackberry 8900, 8800, 8310, Bold, Storm, Curve

BenQ BenQ Siemens S88, P30, P31, P50, S88, EF81, EL71, SL91, E71, EF71, S81, CL71, EF91, CF61, EF61,BenQ Siemens EF81
BenQ Siemens CF61, BenQ Siemens E71, BenQ Siemens EF91, BenQ Siemens S81, BenQ Siemens CL71
BenQ Siemens EL71,

Samsung SGH-i300, Samsung SGH-ZX10
Samsung SPH-V4900 
A800, A950 , A920, i550, D600, D720, I300, Z500, Z700, ZM60, i700, i600, i300, z300, P850, D510, X700, X800, E900, Z400, D800, X700, D900, F700, F520, E900, U600, E840, i520, z630, e250, u700, i760, E490, D830, z560, d840, p310, e830, e570, e740, f510, i600, z370, p900, e590, f500, z720, z730, f300, i750, D900i, z710, z620, z560v, z360, i300, p940, zv50, e480, i320, p910, p900d, z600, i310, z520, z310, z350, Samsung BlackJack, Samsung SCH-A930, Samsung SGH-D807
Samsung SGH-Z500, Samsung SPH-A800, Samsung SPH-V5100, Samsung D600, Samsung SCH-A990, Samsung SGH-D900
Samsung SGH-Z650i, Samsung SPH-M500, Samsung D600E, Samsung SGH-a707,

LG Electronics U8360, P7200, 8380, U880, KE970, KE850, KE770, Chocolate UMTS, KE820, KE500, U8500, KE600, KE800
LG Chocolate VX8500, LG Cyon, LG VX8600, LG CU320, LG enV, LG CU500

Nokia E90, 7373, 7390,3250, 6125, 6233, 6136, 6131, 6234, N95, N76, E65, 6300, , 6110, 5300, e50, 5200, 5700, 5500, 6085, 6151, 6086, Nokia 5200, Nokia 6085, Nokia 6151, Nokia 3250, Nokia 5300, Nokia 6125, Nokia 6315i, Nokia 7373, Nokia 5500
Nokia 6131, Nokia 6233, Nokia 7390, Nokia E50

Sagem My V-76 und My X 6-2, SD330, MY S-7, my800c, myMobileTV, my501c, my401C, my600x, my800x, myW-7

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