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In Car Wifi from Three inc 1gb data

In Car Wifi from Three inc 1gb data
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Price: £59.99
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Model: 17130
Manufacturer: Three
Average Rating: Not Rated

In Car Wi-Fi connects over the 3G network  to create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot so passengers can connect to the internet on a range of Wi-Fi enabled devices like an iPod Touch, Nintendo DSi XL and Netbook, all without the need for wires or a USB connection.

Key Features:

Form Factor - Wireless modem
Size/Weight - 86 x 46.5 x 10.5mm / 90g
HSDPA-HSUPA - Yes/Yes (7.2MBPS/5.76MBPS)
Memory - No internal Memory, memory card supported, micro SD 32GB
Radio - HSDPA-2100, GSM, EDGE/850/900/1800/1900
WiFI - 802.11 B/G
Dashboard - Huawei with 3 settings
RX Diversity - Yes
Battery - Up to 5 hours usage

More Information
Connect different devices at once
Mobile Wi-Fi sends out a signal so you can connect to the internet without needing any wires. This means you can connect different devices at once. So while you're checking emails on your laptop, you can download tracks and apps on your iPod touch.

Easy to use
Just turn on your wireless modem, switch on connection to the 3 network, and select the Wi-Fi function. Then choose the Wi-Fi option on whichever device you're using. There's no need to load any software to get online using the wireless modem.

How is it different to mobile broadband?
The main difference is that Mobile Broadband only works with your laptop, whereas Mobile Wi-Fi lets you connect other Wi-Fi-enabled devices, like the iPod touch. And because it's a wireless connection, you can connect more than one device at a time.

What will the in car Wi-Fi experience be like?
Drive testing results for MiFi conducted in August last year established that browsing both light & heavy sites delivered a good experience, and downloading and gaming an acceptable one.

The reception in car is about 4 times better than that inside buildings & significantly better than rail

Network was built to deliver good coverage for motorways and arterial roads. These places are mostly unloaded as low population density

Never be without the Internet when you're on the road
Connect with any Wi-Fi device
Share the connection between friends, family or colleagues
Completely portable so it's not just tied to the car
Our network was built for excellent motorway coverage which means you will get great service on long journeys
You can connect to the internet and do all of the things you would normally do on your laptop such as email, browse and play games

What's in the box
1GB data (which lasts for 30days after activation)
Car charger

How will customers use it
Checking emails & social networks
Planning holiday trips in UK, researching attractions & booking tickets in advance
Planning routes & checking live traffic feeds
Downloading apps, music and games

What devices will they be using
Laptops/ netbooks, Smartphones, IpodTouch DSi

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In Car Wifi from Three inc 1gb data
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In Car Wifi from Three inc 1gb data
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